Monday, December 11, 2006

The Real is In the Details

I've been thinking about what makes a story - not resonate - but seem real. Recognizing that all stories call for some level of a suspension of disbelief, what is that helps you get there. I've seen mention on a few blogs where people were fed up with unrealistic sister relationships. I recently started skimming a book after the chaaracter did a number of things that didn't jibe for me. So what makes it seem real? And a lot of times it the little stuff. One of the things I love about "Friday Night Lights" is the relationship between Coach Taylor and Tammy, his wife. Their interactions seem (to me who, yes, has never been married) so real - they have tensions but they are not always the drama of the week. They apologize to each other, but not always with huge gestures, often with simple words. I know I already talked about the grocery store DJ in Why Moms Are Wierd but that' the kind of thing that has me giggling in recognition and it draws me deeper in. A lot of the articles about "Veronica Mars" talk about the relationship between Veronica and her dad, and I think that's part of what grounds the series so that as she does things that are a little dark for a now college student, you at least know she has that center - even if they are disagreeing about curfews and boyfriends.