Friday, December 29, 2006

New Year's thoughts

Let's chat about New Year's. I feel like, in many ways, it's New Years that has the greater set of expectations surrounding it. You are not required or expected to spend New Year's with your family - not as a whole anyway - so perhaps that leads into the idea that surrounded by people of your own choosing, you should have a bang up time. Then there is the decision making, do you go out on the town, or gather at someone's place. If you go out - what happens with transportation? If you go out, do you go to an organized do, or more standard bar hopping? What is the budget? Where is everyone meeting? And on, and on.
I have to say one of the best New Year's was when I was living in a house, and a bunch of us gathered and played board games and drank a bit. (A bit because we had an underager, a pregnant person, and a teetotaler so, you know.) It was easy for me, since I was already home. It was low key and therefore really fun. In contrast we had the one year where we waited until ten that night to make any sort of decision about where we were going. We picked Adams Morgan, known for its plethora of hot spots and corresponding dearth of parking. After snagging a parking space only a mile and a half or so from any fun, we started walking in the cold crisp air. And it triggered asthma in one of our party, who sadly had left her inhaler behind, as had I. So we returned to where preparations had occurred to retrieve said inhaler. Which now put us really close to midnight. Determined to party a little we headed to College Park and to a bar looking place on the main drag. And went in. They had a private party downstairs so we sat upstairs and drank and chatted a bit. And then we noticed that everyone from downstairs was headed upstairs. Strange. Then we decided to look further afield for more interesting fun and went downstairs to exit which was when we noticed glass everywhere. And cops. The plate glass window in the front was shattered. As we headed to our car, we noticed some agitated gentlemen in the parking lot. Still a yard or so from the car, one of my companions shouts, "Gun!" causing us all to race for the car and head out very quickly. All ended well, for us at least.
Another good one - we got tickets for the Black Cat's New Year's Extravaganza. we were there crazy early, but Tuscadero (sadly now defunct) played so it was awesome. Other than the weird guy who slapped his hand over my mouth when I yawned (putting me squarely on Kelly Ripa's side, let em tell you) things went well. Most of the crew was underage and/or driving at that point so there was no alcohol. Then we headed back for a sleepover. The lone guy in the group was saddened to learn that we were not planning to sleep in teddies or have pillow fights, but I think even he would agree it was still agood night.
And back to the bad-ish, the plan was for my roommate and I to hit a party. Roommate volunteers to be the designated driver, so on arrival I have my cup filled up with alcohol (the hosts were pouring quite generously). My roommate encountered someone who claimed to have come up with a concoction that tasted like something or other, so off she goes to try it. Apparently she enjoyed it too much, as she approaches close to midnight to inform me we will need to take a cab home. I stop drinking at this point (notice the singular there) but I am a lightweight so, I don't expect to be sober enough to risk driving in time. Between arrival and this announcement I have seen little of my roommate. This is not a complaint - as I had been making new friends. Apparently so had she. I learned later that she had been being very friendly out on the front lawn (hanging with a smoker). So, midnight comes and goes. The folks I have been chatting with - for the most part - leave. The hostesses go up to bed. We are down to about five people - my roommate, her new friend, myself, and another two guys. My roommate and her friend are holding hands. Immediately the guy sitting next to me grabs my hand. I am looking at him like, "What the hell?" and trying to disengage. My roommate sees the hand holding and says, "Oh good, you're getting laid tonight." I respond through gritted teeth, "No, I'm not." There is discussion because now my roommate thinks she doesn't want to go home. I, personally do not care, but I would really like to leave and move towards whatever steps need to make that happen. Roommate's new friend (RNF) says that we don't need a cab, he can get us home. Turns out he means grabby hands (GH) can drive us (I have no idea if RNF had no car or just didn't want to drive or was trying to set up a group deal - no idea.) So, the four of us get into the car and head home. Roommate and RNF go to her bedroom leaving me in the living room with GH. GH, despite the fact that I mention several times that I have to be at church in six hours, does not take the hint. He stays (as we listen to the lovely strains of roommate and RNF). Finally, (yes I should have done this sooner, I was tired) I say very clearly that I need to head off to sleep. GH asks if that means he should leave (ya think?). He asks for a goodbye hug, I agree and then GH turns into grabby lips and tried to kiss me - I move my head out of range. He tries again. Dude - go away! GH&L leaves. (Roommate did apologize when informed of the getting laid comment.) GH&L later tells RNF that he likes me, RNF tells roommate, I tell roommate that yeah - not subtle and not interested.