Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I Know This Is Mean

I know this is mean, but I am sorely tempted to download the ringtones all of my obnoxious co-workers have (the obnoxious co-workers who leave their phones unattended and yet have friend or relatives who call six times in a row because they are too good for voicemail - those co-workers). Why would I want ringtones that are constantly hammered into my brain? Because the second part of my plan is to play them over and over, sending the co-workers scrambling for their phones only to find it's not their phone. I realize the joy I would receive from this would be small and fleeting, but nonetheless the idea persists. And then, hopefully these same co-workers would change their ringtones so that they wouldn't get confused and then, well, then I'd at least have new obnoxious ringtones to listen to.