Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Things People Should Know #8

I understand the hatred of ticket cams. I live in a city with many - ready to catch me running a red light or speeding. (I actually pass a speeding cam on my daily commute.) The irony in all this is that I have been called a slow driver - it was actually a running joke amongst a group of my co-workers for a while. But several years back a portable (as opposed to permanently installed) speed camera spotted me going thirty six miles per hour and for this I was mailed a fifty dollar ticket. Now I would like to state (since I missed the deadline for making this argument with the people who had the power to change the amount of money I owed) that the speed limit on the road in question is twenty five. I am quite certain that I was in fact going faster than twenty five. Particularly since I was traveling downhill. I am not convinced I had actually reaching the roaring speed of thirty six, but it is possible since this road is a throughway between three major roads and even going thirty is enough to put you in danger of being run over. But I ended up paying the ticket.
But all this is to show that I feel solidarity for those who justly, unjustly or anywhere in between have had dealings with such ticket cams. And certainly I have whiled away happy minutes imagining the sudden disappearance of the ones on my route. Or at least the speed cams, the red light cams can stay. In my world, at least.
The first rule in attempting such camera vengeance (which I am not advocating, so we're clear) would be to understand that a camera's job is to record things. So one should not drive past the camera moments before firebombing it. The additional irony is that the man in question apparently felt moved to such destruction to avoid losing his job due to the points the speeding ticket would have brought. I'm sure this is much better.