Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Challenge 5 (Late): It's Everywhere

Well, with the moving and my not having scouted out the nearest free wifi yet, we missed the deadline for the penultimate Amazing Lace challenge. But Peachy and I wanted to share our entry, even if it won't be able to compete for the prize. (Sublime did not enjoy the move and is still hiding. Somewhere.)

I first experienced the "it's everywhere" phenomenon when I discovered Tetris. Having previously been primarily uninterested in video games, the experience of spending every moment not playing Tetris thinking about playing Tetris was new to me. And then, it happened. I would look at my bookshelves and start going through the pieces that would wrap around them. Ooh - I could put and L shape there, a zig zag there, or I could just stack a bunch of cubes there. And that was when I realized that maybe I needed to dial it back a little. So, while this phenomenon had not yet occurred in a knitting sphere for me, I am familiar with it. (Although the power of suggestion is strong, hmm, look at that air vent, with a dropped stitch...)

However, as you may have heard, I recently moved. So, rather than seeing lace everywhere - I see boxes everywhere. And okay, that's not entirely my imagination. But sometimes, I see things peeking.

Amid the boxes.

Wait what was that?