Friday, August 11, 2006

I've Locked Up My Keys, But...

I am reminded of the Thanksgiving episode of "Grey's Anatomy" ("Thanks for the Memories"), where the fabulous Dr. Bailey tells Meredith to be thankful for the stupidity of the human race, since it leads to surgeries. (Most of these events don't involve injury, but nonetheless.) Since it is August, we will blame the heat for all this.

An 85 year-old woman went to the bank and was admitted into the vault in Zurich, Switzerland. They then closed the bank. With her still in the vault. And it was not until several hours later when she moved enough to set off the motion detectors, that her continued presence was discovered. Perhaps they will add to their closing procedures, make sure there are not customers in the vault.

A man in Michigan robbed a 7-Eleven and then left the scene. Except he didn't make it very far, because he ran out of gas a mile away. A police officer noticed the truck on the side of the road and was able to apprehend the suspect, as well as the (alleged) missing cash.

I really want to know how drunk the guys in Littlerock, California were. Apparently six U-Haul trucks were stolen. Four have been recovered. But seriously - U-Haul trucks? They're not fun or interesting to drive at all!

Thanks again to Wasted Blog for helping me find these gems.