Thursday, August 10, 2006

Since It Appears to Have Been Thwarted

I want to start by saying that I only feel safe in being this vocal, shall we say, about my self-centered thoughts on this because it appears that the plan to use liquid explosives has been stopped before it could be successfully carried out - or at least seriously impeded. But one of my thoughts (after determining it appeared that no passengers or flight crew had been hurt or were in imminent danger) was don't fuck with my Starbucks. (Channeling a little "Adventures in Babysitting" there).

I set off security alarms a lot. I finally figured my bracelet was a prime culprit although it has also been at times my barrette or the underwire in my bra. I have been tagged for special screening. So, I tend to expect that when planning for my trip to the gate. I'm okay with removing my shoes and putting them through. I in fact pick shoes that are easy to remove (Okay, since I don't own shoes with laces, that's not really that hard, but still.)

But one of the experiences that stands out in my mind was a trip I took to Mexico. I had booked two months ahead, and right before the airlines re-jiggered their schedule. So my outgoing flight ended up putting me at National Airport at about five thirty in the morning so I could catch the shuttle to New York to catch the Aero Mexico flight there. (My return went through Texas.) I am not a morning person.

Well, I arrived just as the ticket counters were opening. The airport Starbucks had not yet opened. But as luck would have it, when I arrived in New York the gate for my next flight was right near a Starbucks. So I raced over and got myself a Venti Chai. Only to discover as they began boarding that Aero Mexico did not allow you to bring drinks on the plane. So myself and another woman were standing next to the line, quickly chugging our drinks. I have to say I was a bit peeved about this until several minutes after the beverage cart arrived plying me with new liquids.

So in hearing that the terrorists - or should they be proto-terrorists or something at this point? - planned to use liquid explosive thereby restricting, at least for now, all liquids on the plane. (And electronics too, since that would theoretically house the detonator.) I was not worried about not having my cell phone or my organizer on the plane. (Now mind you I have no current plane plans so this is all hypothetical.) I was worried about my tea! How am I supposed to fly without my Starbucks. Will it be okay if I stick to airports where the Starbucks is after the security check? Because it's all about me. And my caffeine and sugar needs. Yep.