Monday, August 14, 2006

At Least He Has a Good Story

I don't get injured a lot, but each time I haven't been doing anything interesting. I was standing. I was standing and bouncing. I tripped. Results: broken elbow, dislocated knee with chipped patella and broken toe. When I went in for the elbow and the knee, everyone wanted to know what sport I was playing. My mother suggested I tell people I was chewing gum. (Ba-dum-bump.)

Well, a gentleman in Florida will not have this problem. He was jet skiing when a four-foot-long sturgeon leapt out of the water and into him, knocking him from the jet ski and also rendering him unconscious. He will apparently be fine. And talk about a fish story. (No word from the fish in question whether it was an accident or if the fish was tired of their jet skiing.)