Thursday, August 17, 2006

Project Runway - Ep 6

Apparently I feel most moved to talk about "Project Runway", when I am sad. Here I spent the last few episodes worried that Robert wasn't going to break out of his slump in time and apparently my inattention to didn't work out. I think in many ways it has to be sad to go home on a challenge that doesn't involve fabric. Certainly many of the designers - Robert included - created lovely things with their recycled materials so it isn't an excuse. Nonetheless, Allison had a great idea, that turned out not to work and she started again, and the result of her second attempt wasn't great. Perhaps she should have pulled a Kayne and told the judges she didn't like it, since that seemed to work for them and he had a similar issue. I expect great things from you Allison. Mwah!

My less snappy judgments of the remaining contestants. But first, a disclaimer. I absolutely think that all of these designers have talent. But not all of them are cut out (sorry) to be reality show contestants. Or at least not on this show.
Angela - You are very inconsistent. And so far the only thing I've loved, you did as a team with Michael and Laura. I think you are quite lucky that you weren't in the bottom three this week.
Jeffrey - You're attitude is still bugging me but your outfit this week was lovely.
Kayne - You owned up to the outfit not working like you thought it would, which I admire. But you may need to tone down the sniping a bit.
Laura - I loved your outfit again. You are seeming to be a bit one-note as far as neck and waistline are concerned, although that could in part be due to time constraints. And hey, KaraSaun made it to the final three that way.
Michael - Two wins in a row baby. (And I'm still bitter your coffee filter dress didn't get to the top three.) Looking good! .
Robert - So glad you broke your self out of that slump! Yay! Keep it up. (OH and stop sniping with Kayne. Not nice.)
Uli - I really think you have stayed true to a specific vision, without doing the same thing over and over. I haven't loved all your outfits, but they have all been beautifully put together.
Vincent - I still think you're a little nutty babe. You and Angela are barely hanging on in my opinion.