Thursday, August 10, 2006

Cable and other guys #2

I promise not everything I write will be about moving. I have a couple of rants perking right now. But, since I moaned about the last time I waited for the cable guy (it was a guy - both times), I thought I would share this. I called Friday and got an appointment for Tuesday. (Yay - points for speedy!). My window was two to five in the afternoon. I got a call on the appointed day at twelve thirty. It was my guy (hey - he's mine for right now) wanting to know if I was home so he could come early. I told him I was still at work and he said that's fine, he'd just call the next person. Now, of course, I was stunned. And then I went to the pessimistic place. Now that I wasn't home, he'll put me last. And I'll never here from him. Or he won't be there until six. But no, he arrived around three. And took care of everything. (Okay my Ethernet port apparently doesn't work so we had to switch to wireless so the internetty bit took a while.) I'm stunned. And so happy that I moved back into an area where I have cable choices. Yay!