Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Clear as Ice - #HockeyFiction Prompt Ten

Today's prompt is hat trick.  

Note: I have updated the top of this post to reflect counting by prompts.    Previous entries: Prompt one, prompt two, prompt three, prompt four, prompt five, prompt six, prompt seven, prompt eight, prompt nine.

They had given Sienna seats on his side of the ice tonight.  Well, the side Al would be on for first and last period.  They wanted to play the volleyball video during one of the period breaks.  The player shad been given the option to watch it, but Al hated watching that stuff, so he had passed.  Not even the chance to see Sienna in those shorts again was quite enough. 

They were playing the Herders tonight. The Domes were on track to take their division, and since the Herders were in it, a win would be extra nice.  But the Herders were generally good sports, so Al expected the game to be competitive but fun. 

He glanced over and saw Sienna in her seat, wearing the jersey with his number again.  He wasn't a super famous goalie, people often used adjectives like hard-working and steady to describe him.  So yeah, his jersey was in the team store just like everyone else's.  He had sent a few to his parents.  And a few folks wore it to the game.  But he didn't usually spot folks in the stands with his number. 

He moved his shoulders getting himself ready.  If people wearing your jersey was an indicator of anything, well, all the forwards would score hat tricks every night. 

He sipped from his water bottle and skated back and forth in front the goal.  Once the game started he was fully focused. 

It stayed scoreless through the first period, although there had been plenty of shots on goal to keep Al busy.  One of the Herders wingers was spending a lot of time camped out near Al like if he couldn't make a play himself he was going to get the assist. 

Al had mentioned it to a few the defenders, but they laughed it off. 

Beginning of the second period, Kunyk scored in the first few minutes.  It was good, but Al knew that the Herders were going to play even harder now. 

Sure enough the puck barreled back towards him and there was that Herder's forward lurking nearby.  Spruce stole the puck and disappeared around the backside of the goal with it.  Al glanced in the direction of the linesman as the Herder player shifted so close he was just about knocking into Al, definitely blocking his view of what was going on. 

Seconds later the puck shot around the side of the goal, and the lurking Herder dinked it up and over Al's shoulder.  Al took a sip from his water bottle while the Herders celebrated.  Telling the defender he had warned them, did not good.  In sports it didn't matter who was right.  At least not in the middle of the game.  They had to keep working together.

Fortunately next time he saw that same Herder player try to move in front of him, a Domes defender showed up to clear him out of the way.  The Domes scored again, bringing them back to up one and that's how the second period ended.  

Al had stripped down to the basics, gone to the bathroom and was chilling on a bench in the player's room when he could hear the arena crowd reacting to something.  It sounded like laughter or something.  They did all sorts of goofy games and such to entertain folks. 

Spruce came into the locker room.  "Dude, you didn't watch?" 

Oh, the volleyball video.  "No," Al said. 

"They made us look good," Spruce said, "although of course they showed that last point the ladies won." 

Al gave Spruce a thumbs up. 

"And at the end, Sienna wished the Domes good luck and blew us all a kiss." 

Al repeated the thumbs up, but made a mental note to