Thursday, March 26, 2020

Clear as Ice - #HockeyFiction Prompt Seven

Prompt Seven is wing.  
And here is where I confess, I have two fours in here.  Ooops.  Previous Prompts:  Prompt one, Prompt two, Prompt three, Prompt four, Prompt five, Prompt six.  (Numbering has now been fixed.) 

"So," Daisy said after he, Spruce, and Kunyk sat down in the conference room. "Volleyball, really?" 

"Oh, hey," Al said, "the volleyball comment was all Spruce.  I said nothing about volleyball." 

"Nice," Spruce said, "just hang me out to dry. Excellent sportsmanship." 

"Was it excellent sportsmanship when you decide to imply another entire sport was easy?  Did you consult me on that play?" 

"What are we, football players?  We don't arrange plays ahead of time." 

Al put his hands against his face.  How had they dragged another sport into this?  Why?  Al was twenty six, goalies tended to peak a little later than other positions, although obviously everyone wanted to be the one to play a decade or two.  Sometimes hanging with twenty-two year olds made him feel ancient. 

"Before Spruce finds another batch of folks to insult," Kunyk asked, "I assume I'm here because you found out I played beach volleyball in high school?"

Daisy smiled.  "Yes."

"You did?" Spruce said. "Was it in like a teeny bathing suit? Are their pictures?" Spruce held his hand together in prayer position.  "Please tell me there are pictures." 

Kunyk reached out and shoved Spruce's head. 

"Hey!" Spruce said.  "Wingers man.  Can never trust them."  Spruce patted his hair like he was checking for injuries. 

"Sienna sent me her proposal for this.  She had suggested playing at one of the local school's since it's still winter out.  The baseball stadium did offer that we could stage a sand court and play there if we wanted.  The stadium is open air though, so you would be playing in whatever temperature we got that day."

"Playing in sand is so much more fun. But are we inviting fans to this?" Kunyk asked. 
Daisy sat up a little straighter.  "Ideally no.  We'd like to send a media team to record it, and of course Sienna wants to bring someone to take some photos and record some too.  But they feel that keeping the fans out is best." 

"What?" Spruce said.  "Are you guys afraid we'll lose?" 

Al turned to Spruce.  "Have you ever even played volleyball?" 

Spruce paused.  "At camp probably?" 

"I haven't played since freshman year of high school.  Once I made the hockey team, I didn't have to do gym.  And then I was playing indoor style, where there were like six players, not two.   All I remember was how hard those balls were."

"Oh come on," Spruce said. "Pucks are harder."

Kunyk shoved Spruce's shoulder.  "You're a puck.  But seriously, listen to Al.  I grew up in Florida.  I could play beach volleyball when hockey season was out.  But I was only okay.  If you've never played in sand you're gonna land on your face." He looked back at Daisy.  "Are we gonna have a way to practice ahead of time?  That won't interfere with all the hockey practice?" 

"If you all want to go sand, I'll see if they can set it up a few days ahead to let everyone practice.  As for the hockey practice, the coaching team has proposed a schedule that they feel will have the leas amount of impact on team practice.  Oh, and also, they wanted me to remind you, don't get hurt."

"I bet it wasn't nearly that nicely phrased, but thanks, Daisy." Al said.  "Apparently Spruce and I are gonna learn how to play volleyball again." 

"As long as no one gets hurt, it should be a lot of fun," Daisy said.  "And I'm going to set up a meet and greet for you all will a local junior volleyball team."

Al nodded.  Of course.  He looked over at Kunyk.  "So when you say you were just okay, was that aw shucks, I would have made the Olympic team okay, or was that, I only ate sand three times a game okay?" 

Kunyk smiled.  "Everybody eats sand, Stop.  Everybody." 

Al was torn.  It would serve Spruce right if they got their butts handed to them by Sienna and whoever she was playing with.  But well, he wanted to not be embarrassed.  Especially in front of Sienna.