Friday, April 10, 2020

Three Interesting Things

1. I have become the person who has now made self isolation bread a time or two.  (I have kim chi.  If you have kim chi and bread, may I recommend kim chi toast?)  So this list of recipes using less staples was interesting.
2. I don't have children and have absolutely worked with folks who thought my childless state meant they should get more work accomodations than I.  Interestingly, when my old job made us all telelcommuters, it was a number of the parents who were like, crap, this looked like it was gonna be easier.  And schools were open at that point.  So, this Ask a Manager post about what is reasonable to expect of an employee who is also now tending to a child in their house is spot on. 
3. If there has been more or any Zoom in your life, Nerdist has compiled many of the great Zoom backgrounds. As folks have pointed out, not only are virtual backgrounds fun, it can also let folks who might be crammed into a closet while the other folks in their house try to get some work done worry less about what their actual background looks like when some of the folks on the call are in a screened in porch overlooking a beach.