Sunday, March 29, 2020

Clear as Ice - #HockeyFiction Prompt Eight

The prompt is sweater/jersey.  
Previous prompts are here: And here is where I confess, I have two fours in here.  Ooops.  Previous Prompts:  Prompt one, Prompt two, Prompt three, Prompt four, Prompt five (erroneously named four), Prompt six (erroneously named five), Prompt seven.  (I will get the numbering fixed, but it will cause everything to repost, so, holding off for the moment.) 

Sienna had asked one of the KeKi groups for tips on how to approach this game.  It wasn't really a game, technically.  It was clearly turning into a publicity stunt with a net, but that didn't mean she didn't want to look good.  Not look good as in attractive, although that would certainly be a nice perk.  But having built up this whole online presence as a person who sometimes wasn't aware of the effect they were having, Sienna was still trying to pivot.  She wanted to be respected.  Plenty of people in and out of KeKi knew she was a person with a brain and thoughts.  But the boundaries of having carefully crafted a public persona meant a lot of people discounted the work and effort that had gone into it. 

So, yes, she might have impulsively suggested a volleyball game when she hadn't herself held a volleyball in several years, much less played competitively against people who literally trained as athletes every day. But she was going to show up, and do more than not be a liability to the two folks from the local volleyball team who were rounding out her side.

One of the KeKi member had suggested she watch "Top Gun" and several others had agreed.  Sienna had no idea what a movie about planes would do to help, but she was certainly willing to give it a shot. 

When she got to the volleyball scene she realized what all the fruit and vegetable emojis had been about.  Oh my.  She sent a quick post to her social media.  "Thanks so much to those of you who told me 'Top Gun' might be helpful as I brush up on my volleyball skills.  I'm not sure my volleyball skills got better watching it, but it certainly was a good reminder of the beauty of watching people use their bodies.  Anyone know if hockey players look that good under their jerseys?"  
Sienna settled in to watch the rest of the movie.  Like a lot of classics, it had some great things and some things that hadn't aged well.   But she could definitely see why the volleyball scene was memorable.  And if the photos and clips the combined publicity teams for Sienna and the Domes could make all of them look even half that good, it would have been worth it. 

Although Sienna wouldn't mind her side spiking the ball off of Albert's head a time or two.  Spruce too, she supposed, since he was the one who had mouthed off about volleyball in the first place.  But mostly she wanted to show Albert that just because she was new to hockey didn't mean she didn't have skills. 

When she checked her social media a bit later, she saw her mentions had gone crazy. 

@ChadeSorcy88 had tagged her into a shirtless picture with the caption, "This is what I look like under my jersey.  Any of my fellow players ready to share?" 

His pale skin was taut, abs well-defined.  Well, if all hockey players looked like that, then Sienna was much more excited for this volleyball game.