Thursday, April 23, 2020

Three Interesting Things

1. This op-ed by John Cho reminds us that this pandemic has had additional implications for Asian Americans about the conditionality of their acceptance.  Also, Hollaback and AAJC are doing a virtual training right now, on bystander intervention training with a focus on helping prevent anti-Asian bullying.  
2. This piece is about New York, but I think most city dwellers will find something here.  I never thought I would miss climbing onto a bus or metro so jammed we all had to think carefully about how we stood.  But I do.  I miss that doing that seemed normal. 
3. One college student made masks designed to help deaf and hard of hearing folks still read lips.  Note: This article autoplays a video. 
4. Bonus non-pandemic thing: I caught up to this article with author Beverly Jenkins, who continues to be delightful.