Thursday, March 19, 2020

Clear as Ice - #HockeyFiction Prompt One

Hey folks, some of us who are fiction writers and hockey fans are banding together to fill the hockey sized hole in our hearts.  Stacey Agdern is our fearless leader.  I'm going to post snippets on twitter but I am a wordy person, so the full post will go here.  I can't promise I can wrangle this into a complete story but, that's the goal.  Also, these will be very gently edited.  Much like hockey aiming for speed and hoping there's some grace and skill behind it, but sometimes you just fall on your skates.  Those of you who've read Repeated Burn may recognize a few characters.  

Prompt: Face Off

"My ex is so dumb, she thought a face off was when you take off all your make up." 

Sienna George sighed and put the phone down.  Her business partner Jay had already told her to ignore it.  Leave it alone.  It was wise advice. 

She tried to work on her next post for her KeKi leaders group.  After a fruitless five minutes that had felt like twenty she gave up and grabbed the phone.  Her last ex had cleaned out her bank account on his way out the door.  This one was trying to build himself up by taking her down.  She knew better to engage.  But it was so irritating. 

She  looked outside her window and had a burst of inspiration.  She checked her makeup, everything looked good there.  She went outside where some kids had set up a volleyball net.  They had even been kind enough to leave the volleyball.  She grabbed the ball, and posed in front of the net, taking several selfies. 

Posting it to instagram,  she captioned it, "What can I say?  I've always been more of a volleyball girl, having grown up in Hawaii.  Don't see to many folks who look like me playing hockey.  #Aloha #Volleyball #WhoNeedsHockey #AAPI

Sienna hit post and felt so much better.  It wasn't going to stop the ex, but she had such a great batch of followers these days, plus all the folks involved in KeKi.

She went back upstairs and wrote a post for the KeKi leaders about recognizing progress from past mistakes. 


Jay:  Sienna. 

Sienna smiled.  Jay did that a lot.  Texted Sienna just her name, leaving Sienna to wonder was this an excited Jay, an exasperated Jay, a Jay who needed coffee, or possibly all of the above. 

Sienna opened up a video chat, waving when Jay accepted.  "Hi, Jay, how are you doing?" 

"I thought we agreed you were going to leave it alone." 

Sienna tipped her head.  "We agreed that was a very sensible option, yes."  After chatting with some of the folks in the KeKi app, Sienna had fallen asleep watching a movie.  She hadn't even remembered to check social media.  Or well, she had, but she had seen the text from Jay and not knowing if it was urgent, focused on that first.  She hadn't even showered or put on makeup.  In fact, she squinted at her face in the corner of the screen, okay, she had remembered to take the makeup off last night.  That was at least something. 

"Fine," Jay said.  "But maybe try not to piss off an entire legion of sports fans for today.  Is that a reasonable goal?" 

"Yes," Sienna said slowly.  Had she already pissed of a legion of sports fans.  Sienna was accustomed to making waves on the internet.  But she hadn't spent a lot of time on sports.  Unless sexy yoga poses counted, but she suspected they did not. 

"And when you say yes," Jay said, "so we're on the same page this time, I mean do not piss of any more sports fans today.  Sports fans buy things.  We like people who buy things."

"Yes," Sienna said. 

Jay ended the call and Sienna took a breath and popped open her social media. 

It seemed the most popular response led her to a page of a bearded dude with dark hair and light brown skin.  His handle was @UnstoppableTseu. 

He had a selfie where he pointed at his face.  The caption read "Hockey is for everyone, isn't just a saying.  There's more work to be done in hockey for sure, but AAPI kids out there, I want you to know there are hockey players like you.  #AAPI #AAPIPower  #WeAreTheDome

Sienna clicked the #WeAreTheDome hashtag and found a bunch of hockey posts.  It appeared to be a hashtag for the local Washington Domes hockey team. And looking at their team roster it appeared Albert Tseu was their goalie.  Well shoot.  Sienna had pissed off a legion of sports fans, and tried to make a statement about representation without doing the most basic of fact checks.  And this Albert Tseu even played for her local team. 

Never let it be said that Sienna George couldn't get a lot done for someone who wasn't naturally a morning person.