Monday, January 13, 2020

Podcastery in 2019

I find these annual posts useful for me, so here we go again.  In 2016, I wrote about my extensive podcast listening. I revisited changes in 2018 and 2019. I am not going through podcasts at the same rate that I used to, but haven't quite unsubscribed as much as I should, so I am often months behind.  + to indicate new ones.

88 Cups of Tea with Yin Chang - Discussions of books and writing.  (Female host.)
How Do You Write - A look at writing process.  (Female host, varying guests.)
Literaticast - Discussion of Kidlit publishing (Female host, rotating guests)  
Minorities in Publishing - Interviews with Minority folks in publishing.  (Female host.) 
Writing Excuses - A panel of writers (mostly book, some comic) discuss writing (Three males and a female are the main hosts. Rotating hosts added each year.)
+The Quitcast - Becca Syme talks about how writers can lean in to their own strengths to determine what processes work for them and what they need to quit.  (Female host, rotating guests.)

Current Events: 
1A - NPR current events (Male Host)
Fortune Favors the Bold - A highly sponsored podcast, but stories about evaluating our relationship with money.  (Hosts shift year to year, so far both female - varying guests.)
Freakonomics Radio - The folks behind Freakonomics look at things through, well, a Freakonomics lens. (Main hosts male)
It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders - weekly roundups and one on one interviews. (Male host, varying guests.) 
The Kojo Nnamdi Show - Current events in DC and beyond (Male host)  
On the Media - a weekly review of the news media (Female and male hosts, varying contributors)
Up First - Short NPR recap of the morning's news  (Female and male host, varying contributors)

Pop Culture:
Let's Go Steal a Podcast - an episode by episode review of "Leverage" which has occasionally included me. (Female host, rotating co-hosts.)
+Lost in the Smithsonian with Aasiv Mandvi - Limited series looking at ten specific items in the museum and their background.  (Male host, varying guests)
Pop Culture Happy Hour - Four panelists discuss pop culture. (Main contributors contain a female, and two males)
West Wing Weekly - Discussion of "The West Wing". (Two male hosts)

30 for 30 Podcasts - Sports documentaries (Male host, rotating guests)  

Trivia, Knowledge, and other Minutiae: 
Ask Me Another - Humorous quiz show from NPR with weekly guests. (Female host, male house musician.)
Function with Anil Dash - How technology affects our culture (Male host.)
Invisibilia - A look a the things behind human behavior (Two female hosts)
Nerdette - Two self-described Nerdette's discuss stories of interest to those of us with a nerdy bent. (Female hosts, although for the TV recaps they are regularly joined by a male.) 
Song Exploder - the history behind a song.  (Female host for much of 2019)
Radiolab - Stories that look at the intersection between science, philosophy, and the human experience. (Male hosts.)
Wait Wait Don't Tell Me - Humorous current event quiz show (Male host, varying panelists.)

Real Life Stories: 
Criminal - Deep dive into a particular crime.  (Female host, varying contributors.)
Ear Hustle - Life in and after prison (Female and male host, male experts)  
Judge John Hodgeman - Real people bring their real issues to fake internet court. (Male host.)
Radio Diaries - is a pretty accurate title really. (Varying contributors)
Snap Judgement - Stories about life, again usually with a common theme. (Male host, varying contributors.)
This American Life - Stories about life, usually with a common theme. (Main host male, contributors vary weekly.)
This is Love - Stories about how humans show up for each other. (Female host, varying subjects.) 
Tiny Spark - A look at philanthropic efforts and other attempts at making good. (Female host)
+White Lies - Limited run podcast looking at the murder of Rev. James Reeb in 1965 in Selma. Alabama.  (Male hosts)

Other podcasts: 
Code Switch - Discussions of race and news (Male and female main hosts, varying contributors). 
+Dish City - Discussions of DC food traditions and the history and meaning (Male and female host, varying guests). 
+Iditapod - Yeah, it's about the Iditarod so a lot about dogs and poop and snow.  (Male hosts, varying guests.) 
+Podcast for a Just World - This is put out by the UCC, so very Jesusy, but a discussion of how the goals of faith intersect with the goals of justice.
Sporkful - A look at food traditions.  (Male host.)
+The Stakes - Looking at social change and it's impact.  (Male host, varying contributors.) 

Sampled - All of these I liked they just didn't survive the cut when my podcastery got out of control
Delete UR Account - Current Events (Male and Female hosts) - Amusingly this was on my sampled list last year, and I am still regularly sampling it.  So, not sure when I will admit I basically listen to this.  But here we are. 
UnF*ck Your Brain - A podcast aimed at high achieving women who feel held back by their brain. (Female host) - this one got bumped down to sampled, I still enjoy it but focused on others. 

Cut or Podcast Ended: 
2 Dope Queens - Comedy and comic bits talking about sex, romance, race, and hair.  (Two female hosts, varying guests). - On extended hiatus
Serial - You may have heard of this one, from the This American Life people, stories that take place over multiple episodes.  (Main host female) - currently on hiatus 
+Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast - It did what the title says, talked about marketing.  (Female hosts, varying guests.) - Podcast has now ended.  
Planet Money - Stories told through an economic/financial lens - Not enough time
Offshore - Stories from Hawaii Public Radio about the non-touristy bits of Hawaii (Female Host) - On extended hiatus 
Wanna Be - A podcast about personal and professional development. (Female host.) - On extended hiatus