Thursday, January 02, 2020

Three Interesting Things

1. Mikki Kendall has long been a thoughtful voice on many things, and her piece on the current state of things with RWA is and how it matters beyond romance, is another example. This bit in particular is going to come up in some of my further discussions with leadership: "So the real issue isn't whether her criticism about racist elements in other writers' work was accurate, but whether some writers might lose money because of those criticisms. This is about writing, but it is also about our culture and whether we want the people who have traditionally influenced it to continue to do so without engaging with the consequences their work might visit on other communities."
2. Laurel Cremant wrote a thoughtful piece on happenings, and the work she has been doing as a leader of the CIMRWA chapter
3. Parts of the longer conversation I was priveleged to witness at NPR between Audie Cornish and Margaret Cho were aired as part of "All Things Considered".  Link here