Tuesday, January 07, 2020

It is Tuesday, and Something Did Happen

I still have received no responses from the current board about any of my emails, not even simple scknoledgement of receipt.  I also have not gotten an answer to a question I asked in the forums.  I am well aware that things are very busy, and yet, as I have mentioned to leadership, if they were not prepared to answer what to me seem like very straightforward questions about the procedures they were following.  
I had on my list today to withdraw as a judge from the RITAs if there was no change.  As much as I wanted to do my small part to And last night they cancelled the RITAs.  Much like the decision to add new board members, this appears to have been posted on the website and sent to a select group of members (I assume I was notified because I had remained as a judge although I have heard from folks who did not get the notice). So, this is not a great example of transparency in communication given this is something that affects all members.  After all, if the RITAs only mattered to the people who entered them, well, they would be pretty pointless.  
I think this is a positive sign.  But it is a very small sign.