Tuesday, January 16, 2018

More Podcastery

Last year I wrote about all the podcasts I listen to. Here are the changes I made for this year.  There's still too many and I need to trim some more but right now, this is where I am. 

1A NPR current events (Male Host)
The Broadway Cast - Playbill show talking about Broadway. (Male Host, rotating guests)
Everybody's Got Something - ABC's Robin Roberts interviews folks about their something (often struggle/survival). (Female host)
I Hate It But I Love It - Guilty pleasure pop culture (Female hosts)
The Kojo Nnamdi Show - Current events in DC and beyond (Male host)
Literaticast - Discussion of Kidlit publishing (Female host, rotating guests)
Making the Sausage - A deep look behind the scenes on TV shows (Male host, rotating guests) - on hiatus
Offshore - Stories from Hawaii Public Radio about the non-touristy bits of Hawaii (Female Host)
The Table Live - topics through a faith lens.  (Two Female Hosts, both of Christian persuasion, one of whom is known to me in real life.)
30 for 30 Podcasts - Sports documentaries (Male host, rotating guests)
Ear Hustle - Life in Prison (Female host, male experts)
Sweet and Sour - This Asian American Life (Two Female hosts)
Traitor Radio - Their tagline is, "A resistance podcast for short attention spans" (Female host, rotating guest) - now on hiatus
Up First - Short NPR recap of the morning's news 

Short run Shows
S-Town - (Male host)
36 Questions (Male and Female main characters) Fictional musical podcast. 

Update - Love And Radio - it was probably always true, but it became more clear to me this season that sometimes, in their attempts to make sure folks are heard in their own words, problematic statements are allowed to stand.  It's still a fascinating look at different folks, but something to keep in mind. 

Sampled - All of these I liked they just didn't survive the cut when my podcastery got out of control
Delete UR Account - Current Events (Male and Female hosts)
Jules and James - Fictional chance meeting story.  (Male and female main characters)
Reply All - Unusual stories from around the internet (Male hosts)
99% Invisible - design is everywhere in our lives (male host, rotating guests)
Reality Bytes - Dating in the Digital Age (Female hosts)
Smart Podcast Trashy Books - Discussions about romance books (Female host, rotating guests)
With Friends Like These - Hot topics of a liberal bent (Female host, rotating guests)