Thursday, January 09, 2020

Three Interesting Things

1. Olivia Waite has been writing thoughtfully about romance over at Seattle Review of Books, and her latest where she captures much of the frustration, and the things that have led to it in this moment with RWA, is worth a read.  
2. This look at some recent aggressive wellness checks at American University looks at perception difference. It's also incredibly telling that a student indicating he felt unheard and discriminated against, would have professors saying, oh gosh, I wonder if he's feeling okay at home.  
3. Full disclosure, Jayce Ellis is both a chapter mate, and one of my co-authors in the Do It Again anthology.  So, I am very, very biased.  But, this post where she discusses writing a coming out story for her new book, and how that tied into her own a bit, is delightful.