Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Podcastery Review

I find these annual posts useful for me, so here we go again.  In 2016, I wrote about my extensive podcast listening. I revisited changes last year.  My life changed a bit in 2018 which really affected my podcast listening.  I still need to do more trimming, and am likely the only one who hates the proliferation of rerun episodes, but I realize the needing less episodes is a personal problem.  + to indicate new ones.

88 Cups of Tea with Yin Chang - Discussions of books and writing.  (Female host.)
How Do You Write - A look at writing process.  (Female host, varying guests.)
Literaticast - Discussion of Kidlit publishing (Female host, rotating guests)  
Minorities in Publishing - Interviews with Minority folks in publishing.  (Female host.) 
Writing Excuses - A panel of writers (mostly book, some comic) discuss writing (Three males and a female are the main hosts. Rotating hosts added each year.)

Current Events: 
1A - NPR current events (Male Host)
+Fortune Favors the Bold - A highly sponsored podcast, but stories about evaluating our relationship with money.  (Hosts shift year to year, so far both female - varying guests.)
Freakonomics Radio - The folks behind Freakonomics look at things through, well, a Freakonomics lens. (Main hosts male)
+It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders - weekly roundups and one on one interviews. (Male host, varying guests.) 
The Kojo Nnamdi Show - Current events in DC and beyond (Male host)  
On the Media - a weekly review of the news media (Female and male hosts, varying contributors)
Serial - You may have heard of this one, from the This American Life people, stories that take place over multiple episodes.  (Main host female)
Planet Money - Stories told through an economic/financial lens 
Up First - Short NPR recap of the morning's news   

Pop Culture:
+Let's Go Steal a Podcast - an episode by episode review of "Leverage" which has occasionally included me. (Female host, rotating co-hosts.)
Extra Hot Great - discussions and quizzes about TV.  (Currently two female hosts, a male host, and regular guests.)
Pop Culture Happy Hour - Four panelists discuss pop culture. (Main contributors contain a female, and two males)
West Wing Weekly - Discussion of "The West Wing". (Two male hosts)

30 for 30 Podcasts - Sports documentaries (Male host, rotating guests)  

Trivia, Knowledge, and other Minutiae: 
Ask Me Another - Humorous quiz show from NPR with weekly guests. (Female host, male house musician.)
+Function with Anil Dash - How technology affects our culture (Male host.)
Invisibilia - A look a the things behind human behavior (Two female hosts)
Nerdette - Two self-described Nerdette's discuss stories of interest to those of us with a nerdy bent. (Female hosts, although for the TV recaps they are regularly joined by a male.) 
Song Exploder - the history behind a song.  (Male host - although new host taking over soon)
Radiolab - Stories that look at the intersection between science, philosophy, and the human experience. (Male hosts.)
Wait Wait Don't Tell Me - Humorous current event quiz show (Male host, varying panelists.)

Real Life Stories: 
Criminal - Deep dive into a particular crime.  (Female host, varying contributors.)
Ear Hustle - Life in Prison (Female host, male experts)  
Judge John Hodgeman - Real people bring their real issues to fake internet court. (Male host.)
Radio Diaries - is a pretty accurate title really. (Varying contributors)
Snap Judgement - Stories about life, again usually with a common theme. (Male host, varying contributors.)
This American Life - Stories about life, usually with a common theme. (Main host male, contributors vary weekly.)
+This is Love - Stories about how humans show up for each other. (Female host, varying subjects.) 
Tiny Spark - A look at philanthropic efforts and other attempts at making good. (Female host)

Other podcasts: 
2 Dope Queens - Comedy and comic bits talking about sex, romance, race, and hair.  (Two female hosts, varying guests). 
Code Switch - Discussions of race and news (Male and female main hosts, varying contributors). 
Offshore - Stories from Hawaii Public Radio about the non-touristy bits of Hawaii (Female Host)
Sporkful - A look at food traditions.  (Male host.)
+UnF*ck Your Brain - A podcast aimed at high achieving women who feel held back by their brain. (Female host)
+Wanna Be - A podcast about personal and professional development. (Female host.)

Sampled - All of these I liked they just didn't survive the cut when my podcastery got out of control
Delete UR Account - Current Events (Male and Female hosts) - Amusingly this was on my sampled list last year, and I am still regularly sampling it.  So, not sure when I will admit I basically listen to this.  But here we are. 
Freelance to Founder - Interviews with entrepreneurs.  (Male host, varying interviewees.)
I Hate It But I Love It - Guilty pleasure pop culture (Female hosts)  
Rants and Randomness with Luvvie Ajayi - Rants on various things, and interviews with interesting guests. (Female host, varying interviewees)
Scriptnotes - Two screenwriters talk writing and movie news (Male hosts)
When in Romance - Romance novel news and recommendations (Female hosts)
The Writers Panel - discussions with writers about writing, usually Comics and TV writers. (Male host, varying interviewees)

Cut or Podcast Ended: 
Another Round - Discussions of race, gender and pop culture.  Also squirrels.  (Two female hosts.) - extended hiatus 
The Broadway Cast - Playbill show talking about Broadway. (Male Host, rotating guests) - ended
Caught - A look at the juvenile justic system - ended 
Everybody's Got Something - ABC's Robin Roberts interviews folks about their something (often struggle/survival). (Female host) - ended
Fortification - Interviews with social justice organizers about the intersection of faith and justice (Female host, varying guests.) - ended
Grammar Girl - Self-titled Grammar Girls discusses some quick grammar questions. (Female host)  
Good Job, Brain! - A trivia team quizzes each other on different manner of trivia.  (Two female members, two male members.) - sporadic these days
-Hidden Brain - The science behind decision-making and behavior. (Male host.)  
His and Hers - Sports (Male and female host)  - ended
The Ladycast - DC area podcast talking with entrepreunerial ladies - ended/extended hiatus
News in Slow Spanish - News in slow Spanish for those of us trying to maintain or relearn our Spanish (male and female host). 
Pardon the Interruption - Similar to the TC show of the same name, a look at the latest sports news (Male hosts) 
Storycorps- Selected stories from the Storycorp project collecting stories of everyday people.(Varying interview subjects.)
Stuff You Should Know- Two, um, know-it-alls do a deep dive into a subject.  (Male hosts.)
Sweet and Sour - This Asian American Life (Two Female hosts) - ended/extended hiatus 
The Table Live - topics through a faith lens.  (Two Female Hosts, both of Christian persuasion, one of whom is known to me in real life.) - extended hiatus
Talking TV with Ryan and Ryan - Two TV critics discuss TV. (A male host and a female host.) - ended
Ted Talks - People with a viewpoint on something.  (Varying speakers.)
TV Avalanche - TV stuff (male hosts) - ended. 
TWIBPrime aka This Week in Blackness- Three (to four or five) panelists discuss the weeks news with an emphasis on things that affect people of color. (Main hosts one male, and two females) - ended