Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Girlie and Geeky

Girlie and Geeky
I wandered into a workshop somewhat randomly one year at RWA (so I have no recollection of who the speakers were) and they were discussing the crossover between sci-fi and romance and how some folks thought it was nuts (in both the romance and sci-fi camps) and now there are quite a few sci-fi series (and stand-alones) with romance in them and lots of romance with sci-fi stuff going on. 
I'm sure we could spend hours talking about the nature of humans to think being one thing means you can't be another, but let's not.  Corrina Lawson has a post up over at Geek Dad about Girl Cooties, and how a sports loving, sci-fi girl ended up writing romance and even erotica. 

Disclosure: Corrina is a fellow Cherry and we have met multiple times.

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