Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ten in 10 Teen Chick Lit Challenge

Ten in 10 Teen Chick Lit Challenge
In February I read Oh. My. Gods. by Tera Lynn Childs, which I confess had been lingering in my tbr pile for no good reason.  It is the story of Phoebe, who's mother announces that she has fallen in love and is getting married to a lovely guy who lives in Greece.  So, Phoebe find that instead of finishing out her senior year in California with her two best friends, she will be heading to Greece to live with her new stepdad and stepsister on a tiny little island.  Oh, and the kids on that island are all descendants of Greek gods and all have powers.  So you can imagine hwo fun it is to be the new girl there.
I loved this book.  I thought it took a lot of things and zigged where you expected it to zag, and it was great fun and now I have to go read the sequel.
I also read How to Salsa in a Sari by Dona Sarkar.  This is the story of Issa Mazumder, a part African-American, part black teen living in Connecticut.  Her mother also announces that she has fallen in love and they will be moving in with her boyfriend and his spoiled daughter.  Interestingly, while the catalyst events of these two books are very similar (and if we're counting, Meg Cabot's Mediator series also starts with a move across the country to live with a new blended family, as do many others) the stories are in many ways very different.  Issa has already been going to school with her soon-to-be step-sister Cat and they already hate each other, and Cat has just stolen Issa's boyfriend, in case there was any doubt about how they feel about other.  I really enjoyed this story and thought it did a great job of showing the relationship juggling that teens have to deal with, particularly when being thrust into a new family dynamic. 

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