Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Read an Ebook Week

Read an Ebook Week
I discovered over at the Clockwork Storybook blog that this week is read an ebook week.  You might be thinking isn't that most weeks for you, and yes, but this is the official week. There are specials - some ebook sellers, some author driven.  (List here.)
So - just a couple of notes. 
You do not have to own an electronic reader.  Ebooks can be read on most everything including PDA's, phones, laptops and desktops. Most places that sell ebooks, offer versions of the software for either your compatible portable device, or your computer. 
The site recommends some other advantages of ebooks, including two of my favorites which is immediacy of receipt (seriously, it makes overnight shipping seem slow) and love it forever or hate it with the fire of a thousand sons, it is easy to store or delete with out having to worry about precious shelf space.  (Ebooks however do not provide the same satisfying thud should you toss it against the wall, so, yes, you do lose that.)