Friday, March 05, 2010

Books: How to Knit a Love Song

First, I must admit that I have met the lovely Yarnagogo, aka Rachael Herron. And back in the day, I read a few chapters of this story when it was entered in the Gather competition. (Actually, I think I read one, loved it, voted for it and then decided this awesome thing was going to get published and I would read the rest then.)
As is often the case with books I adore, I almost don't want to tell you anything - except go read it! I want you to discover the rest as it unnfolds.
But, if you're here, then perhaps you need more.
Fine. Abigail arrives at a ranch in California, after the death of her dear friend, Eliza Carpenter. Eliza, a famous knitter, had turned over care of the ranch to her nephew Cade who is not thrilled to discover that the cottage - that sits squarely in the middle of the ranch, has been left to some woman he's never met. The cottage is stuffed to the brim with what Cade terms junk, and has no working electricity or water, so Abigail has to stay with Cade while it is being fixed up.
Abigail had been having some trouble with an ex, so was happy to move to Cypress Hollow and thrilled that her friend had left her a place to live. Cade learned early on that women just leave, so he has been leaving first for much of his dating life.
So, of course, the two of them under the same roof leads to trouble of all kinds.
It's a sweet romance, and now I need to read the next. (Done yet, Rachael?)
There's lots of talk about knitting, spinning, fiber and knit design. I don't think it will overpower any non-fiber people, in fact, it might intrigue them. It was a lot of fun to read, such that it started to annoy me that people thought I should work instead of finishing. (Silly people.)