Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I Want it Now!

I Want it Now!
Remember when you first pre-ordered a book?  (Note: If you have never pre-ordered, this whole post might go over your head.) And you maybe weren't sure why you were shelling out money in advance for a book, but you really, really wanted that book and you knew maybe that the day it came out you wouldn't quite be able to get to the bookstore, so this way at least someone else was going to get it to you.  And then you arrived home the day the book came out and discovered it on your porch. And you thought, this is so cool I'm going to pre-order everything!  And it was great, but then sometimes it didn't always arrive that day, and even though it usually arrived the next day, it was a little sad.
Well, with e-books, at least with the ipod touch, I discovered a new level of now.  (Yes, I do feel like that everything instant family on the ads.) The first time I logged into the e-reader application after having pre-ordered an ebook, a magical thing happened. The day the book came out, it magically* downloaded itself.
So, since the lovely Yarn-a-go-go aka Rachael Herron has this book out today, and I had pre-ordered it, it occurred to me that probably if I stayed up past midnight, I could just get it then. (This one I ordered in epub format for the Sony Reader which I have to plug in to the computer.) And yep, sure enough, after midnight the book appeared on my digital bookshelf and I was able to download it.
Too bad I have to work today.  Hmm, I might be coming down with something...

*I have the settings set to download everything. And you have to be near a signal for this to work.