Friday, April 02, 2010

Dear Folks: The Spoiled Edition

Dear Folks: The Spoiled Edition
Dear Lifetime,
Due to a cable snafu I was unable watch "Project Runway" last week.  I managed to make it through an entire week without spoiling myself on the internet or with, you know, real people.  Since the episode would be re-run just before the new episode, I chose not to watch it online.  And then, with about thirty minutes to go before the re-airing - I got spoiled, by you.  The stupid promo with the "one of these designers would return" (which was dumb, by the way because faithful viewers will know that this is not the first time a designer has left, and the precedent for which designer returns is set) ad featuring three auf'd designers ruined the end for me.  (I still watched.) So, after 6.9 days, I got spoiled.  I got spoiled by watching you.
Hate Spoilers*
*Yes I realized it's not really a spoiler when the episode has already aired. Still annoyed though.