Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympics, Again

Great Non-athletic moments:
Michael Phelps telling a fellow swimmer he couldn't find his mom in the crowd. (She stood up and waved.)
Dara Torres letting everyone know that a fellow swimmer had ripped her suit and would be out in just a minute.
Michael Spearman and Usain Bolt teasing each other in the tunnel.
One American runner (who's name I have forgotten - sorry) pausing her interview, to congratulate a fellow runner.

Sports I was Unaware (Until Now) were Olympic Sports
ETA: Beck is right, it's Lolo Jones.

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Beck said...

That runner who paused during her interview was Lolo (last name escapes me.) She missed out on a medal because she hit a hurdle and was congratulating the Aussie runner who was stunned she came in second. How cool is it that she was also interviewing the next day with fellow teammate who won the gold - great sportsmanship!