Monday, August 04, 2008

Last Monday

So, basically, since my internet access was limited last week, this week I am going to tell you all about last week. Lucky you!
So, I think I have previously mentioned my fear of boredom. So, I had charged up my Ipod - freshly loaded with Will Write for Wine Podcasts. I had three knitting projects and three books. I figured that would cover the wait in two airports, any knitting or book ADD, and the travel time, plus any delay time.
Of course, my Ipod didn't want to play. So it froze. Fine. (I did reload, restore and restart, no go.) And of course the first flight (the longer of the two) was full, so while I had the window I had two large men sharing the row with me and one was in a bad mood, because are seats were against the bulkhead, so did not recline. (Everyone was lovely for the duration of the flight, but I would have liked everyone better with the music or the podcasts.
Monday I arrived in the afternoon in San Francisco.
My BART card got jammed in the machine, which was a fun start. (Apparently the airport card readers do that a lot, yay!) Rode in to town which I did not remember from my last trip that you pretty much have to memorize the stops because the speakers in the cars suck and you can't hear what the driver is saying over the sound of the cars, and the signs are little and not lit.
Made it through the throngs of tourists outside the BART station and up to my first hotel - Hotel Union Square. After checking in and stashing my bags I wandered around briefly, and discovered that the Apple store was a mere three blocks away, so I went in and made an appointment for the following day with the genius bar. Then I found some dinner. My mother once told me that she kept a record of the food she ate on her trips and I have to say, that it's fun, so, I'm going to do that here to.
Food: California Tortilla (at the airport in DC), Starbucks (at the airport in Phoenix), and fish tacos (in San Francisco).