Saturday, August 09, 2008

Last Saturday

Saturday was a little more reasonable. I went to another agent-focused workshop. Then I went to the theft of creative property workshop (moderated by Smart Bitch Sarah, and featuring Nora Roberts, Dear Author's Jane Litte and John Barrie from It was really interesting to hear from each of the panelists Nora spoke first and promised to come after folks who stole her work and passed it off as their own like the wrath of freaking god. Jane spoke about the difference and overlap between copyright infringement and plaigarism, and the need for a cultural shift to get people to realize that this isn't a little boo-boo (although she said it more eloquently than that). And Barrie spoke about how the concept behind came to be and working towards that shift in academia.
Afterwords, I ran off to find lunch and returned to camp out a bit in Starbucks adjacent place with yarnagogo and various other cool peeps. I ended up hitting some of the signings and picked up some stuff for people. I also shipped a box home and can I tell you - they had to cut down the box because I didn't have enough books to fill it. I could have gotten more.
(Actually I did, but I had brought a big purse so that I could avoid additional luggage charges.)
I grabbed dinner at a little cafe and was thrilled to discover something called the London Fog Latte which is a Latte made with Earl Grey. Wonderful.
I then headed back to the hotel to rest up and change for the awards ceremony. I ran into some other folks headed that way and we shared a cab (cute shoes) to SFM. I glommed onto Melthegreatest who had stationed herself on a chair in the hallway to avoid the pre-door-opening line, and get a good chance at pictures of the processing folks.
The awards happened, where apparently having been in a workshop with me or my having read your book was a bit of a curse (except for honorary cherry Anne Stuart and Kristan Higgans). It was lovely the number of people who thanked their spouses for supporting them through potentially unlucrative career.
And then there was chocolate and cheese and wine. Yum.

Food: Chai, curry chicken salad, turkey sandwich, London Fog Latte, cheese, crackers, mini eclair, fruit tart, fruit napoleon.