Friday, August 08, 2008

Last Friday

Friday I got up much too early and it's Lisa Gardner's fault because she was having a great workshop where she talked about revision. I started the day with a low grade headache, but thought I could soldier through it, and it seemed to be working as I made my way to the next workshop on the 21st Century Heroine, where I ran into Yarnagogo. Then I was off to a workshop about agents (where I successfully stalked introduced myself to an agent I had targeted). I restrained myself from jigging (or jiggying) on my way to lunch (free books). And about lunch was where my headache decided to speak up. So despite being seated at a fabulous table (including the lovely Melthegreatest), a woman who's husband had sent her a great button after her luggage was misplaced (I have a story and I'm not afraid to pitch it) and the president of the Washington chapter (of which I am not, erm, a member, yet), I was hurting. I made it through the food. And the speechifying began and I snuck out. (Sorry Connie Brockaway, I'm sure you were great.)
I ran into Sandra Kitt in the hallway, and expressed my love. (I am unstoppable like that.) I then texted the friend who had first given me one of her books.
I got some caffeine and stuck around for the Harlequin signing which was, interesting. They were really trying to herd us in a specific route, which I'm sure someone thought would prevent backups or rushes to one author over others. In actual fact it just created one giant jam with unhappy people who couldn't get where they were trying to go. I finally broke ranks, and went to the folks I wanted to see. I'm sure I missed out on discovering some new people, but I'll find them later, it will all work out.
And I headed back to the hotel for some R&R.
I ended up eating in the lounge at the hotel, which was interesting. The food was great (and I was feeling well enough to appreciate it.) I was seated by a window where I had a great view of the hotel across the street. There were two guys, on different floors staring down at the street - for quite some time. There was not a lot to look at. Perhaps it was better than TV. Perhaps they were unaware that their windows were not tinted and they were really visible. But it fascinated me as I wondered.

Food: Chai, salad, rubber chicken, tuna tartare and ratatouille.