Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dear Folks #16

Dear Beach Volleyball,
I want to apologize a little. I never outright or publicly disparaged you, but I secretly thought you were not a proper sport. Oh sure, it takes mental and physical agility to play the game (or so I imagine, I think the last time I played volleyball involved a high school gym). But, I was finding it difficult to take seriously a game that gets played in bathing suits. (Yes, I also am working on water polo acceptance. Also, while we're being parenthetical, why do the women play volleyball in bikinis and the men play in clothes? What's up with that?)
But I have long said, that one of my issues with baseball is that it doesn't get played in the rain, thereby classifying it - according to my special rating system - as a wimpy sport. And while this rating system had not made an official ruling on games played in the sand, it was leaning towards, if not wimpy, at least, less serious, even though I know that sand actually makes
it more difficult.
But, the matches continued in the rain, coupled with the sheer number of matches two people (with no substitutes), I have come to the conclusion that beach volleyball is definitely not a wimpy sport. And while it won't get the full contact serious rating, still, you have to be pretty freaking tough. So, congratulations.
(I know you were worried.)