Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Last Tuesday

Now with pictures!
Tuesday was the day I had planned to real trek all over. So, I did. This is also the part where I discovered that while I knew intellectually that San Francisco had some hills, that really, until you've climbed a few, you have no idea how that changes your perception of the distance. (Especially if on the map it only looked like a couple blocks.) So, I headed north to Nob Hill,
wandered east to Chinatown, where I stopped at the Chinese Cultural Center.
Portsmouth Square
They were doing an exhibit on puzzles that was really interesting, in fact I picked up a ring puzzle with which to torture myself. (So far, I got two rings off, but I have no idea how.)
Then, I decided to go check out the UU congregation, which was in Tenderloin. So, I wandered back that way.
On the way I found a park in the Russian Hill area with a great view, so stopped and took a few pictures.
Across the City
I did not take pictures inside the church, although there was a cool courtyard. There were children playing there, so that seemed like not a good thing for me to be photographing.
UUSF window
I went back downtown to make my genius bar appointment, which was amazingly easy since it is apparently a common glitch with Ipods and PCs that is resolved by plugging it into a Mac. (The genius guy smiled when I said, "So you're telling me I have to make friends with someone with a Mac?" (I do have friends with Macs.)) Anyhoo, all was right with the Ipod, so I then wandered back to the hotel to swap shoes and grab some lunch.
I had planned to head back to the North Beach area for dinner, and had made reservations at a restaurant. On my way up there (oh yeah, hill again), I saw signs for Coit Tower. I still had plenty of time, so I went up that way and again took pictures.
Coit Tower, from the Street
(I did not go up the tower itself - too cheap. Yarn I pay for, views, eh.) I then headed back towards the address I had for the restaurant, but it looked wrong. The street was residential, and while the number in question was lovely, they did not appear to have any signage or indication that they were going to be letting people in to buy food anytime soon.
I tried picking up some errant wi-fi to check my info, but no luck there. (Later I checked a different phone book - different address. Ah well.) I finally decided to walk back down by Washington Square where I had seen food and just eat since my knees and butt were starting to protest all that wandering. I ended up finding a lovely Brasilian-Italian fusion restaurant, so all was not lost. After that, I made my way back to the hotel where, I slept really well that night.

Food: Salad, Chicken salad sandwich, Chai, three cheese ravioli, apple tart.