Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Best Non-Spam Email Title? You Decide.

I am on the email list for I got this email title in my inbox the other day: Soldiers Say Porn Ban May Hurt Morale.
Hee. The full story is here. I don't really have a horse in this race, as they say, but some thoughts.
First, there is a guy who says he really likes the articles.
I remain unconvinced that looking at naked people makes those who were previously unlikely to do so, more likely to commit sexual assault.
I think while catchy, the title is misleading, since there are fears it would affect a spectrum of magazines aimed at men, including ones that while racy, are generally agreed to not be porn.
I am interested to note that there is no discussion of how this might affect women, nor is there any discussion of how this might affect sales of magazines aimed at women. Perhaps the bases do not currently sell these. (There are women quoted, but they are quoted as to their feelings about men not being able to buy the magazines, although admittedly were they buying the magazines, one imagines they would not be able to tell.)