Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Haul

{Warning: Picture heavy post ahead!}
So, the aforementioned haul from Maryland Sheep and Wool. First, I would like to say that while I did not set a budget, I did try to stick to stuff I could not get the rest of the year (or at least not at that price) and I brought a bag, a big purse, and a backup bag, but everything fit in the bag. See?
Bag of yarn
I first made a beeline for the Fibre Company booth. They had mill ends of Savannah Bulky. (Sadly, a very limited selection of Terra, which apparently produces less mill ends.)
Fibre Company 2
And then I saw a colorway I had missed, so I got more.
Fibre Company 1
Some Rowan Summer Tweed.
Rowan Summer Tweed
A little Debbie Bliss Pure cashmere.
DB Cashmere
I got some Socks that Rock in the Knitters Without Borders colorway.
Brooks Farm has a new yarn - Willow - a wool bamboo blend. And there was some Four Play on sale that goes with the stuff I picked up last year.
Brooks Farm
Her is is all together. See - not much at all.
Big Haul