Monday, May 12, 2008

7 Things: About My Weekend

Yeah, I'm finding myself a bit entranced by the seven things bit. So, here we go.
1. Got to hang with knitters. This, of late, happens a lot of weekends, and yet - doesn't get old.
2. Made some good knitting progress.
3. Great food. I actually ate no meals at home. Between hanging with the knitters, family in town, advisor gatherings, very little food was consumed where I lived. (Unless you count the cat). And of course great food can occur when I cook it, if I do say so myself, but somehow eating out is often more fun.
So there was Shanghai Village (my family are long time customers, having followed it from it's original location and name)
There was Dino which I have converted some of my family on. (some were already converted, ha, ha!)
And there was Hard Times Chili, which seems the great way to end a partially gluttonous weekend.
4. Family was in town since my brother is now a college graduate. Woot!
5. I started reading a great book. (Not meant to be a tease, will talk once I finish.)
6. I made some good progress on my NaNo WIP. I'm almost afraid to talk about it, but am trying to be zen in the - it matters that I get the story told, not so much what happens or doesn't happen to it after way.
7. I have now played "Guitar Hero". And while I only attempted one song and was booed off the stage by the people (interestingly, I was only a little embarrassed by this and really wanted to know if the audience gets really rowdy, but apparently booing is as far as they go.) I also am now considering my need for a gaming system. Hmmm.
Not even the single tracking on the metro got me down.