Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My DC Heart Goes Pitter Patter

Oh no, it isn't voting rights. But, still DCist is just chock full of great news for me.
First, almost a year later but DC is going to get a quarter. Yes, in monetary ways, we will pretend DC is part of the United States. Kind of exciting.
And now, they have resolved the little anthraxy issue (didn't know that was still a problem, did you) so that mail mailed in DC, wait for it, will have a DC postmark. I know!
And the needle exchange ban was lifted. I know that doesn't quite seem on par, but it ties into the whole city being allowed to pretend it makes decisions for itself like other cities thing. (The ban was put in by people we don't get to vote for after the people we do get to vote for allowed it. But happy, happy - we are focusing on the happy!)