Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Happy Big Block of Cheese Day!

For those of you who are not familiar with the Big Block of Cheese Day (BBOC Day), ALOTT5MA has all the linky goodness.
I loved these episodes for many things, but most especially, the ever popular (if the ALOTT5MA group can be considered any sort of representative sample) Cartographers for Social Equality. What did they want? A world map that was to scale. I don't want to rehash the episode for those who have seen it, but really, almost every classroom I was in in elementary, middle, and high school had a map. And yet most of them were that map we're all used to looking it, with Europe in the middle, Greenland looking larger than all of South America. It made globes look somehow off scale. And there's something twisted about trying to expose children to the world at large and yet presenting them with a constantly skewed perspective of it.
But the real message of BBOC Day was to grant an opportunity to groups that would normally not get such a spotlight. So, whether you choose to celebrate (or not celebrate) by eating some yummy cheese or by reading about something you normally wouldn't spend your reading time on, happy cheese!