Thursday, December 27, 2007

It All Makes Sense Now!

My apartment is a wreck. Working fifty to seventy hours a week might have something to do with it. You would think telecommuting would help, but no, it makes it worse. There are no elves or menehune who show up to vacuum and empty the trash. And it turns out eating more meals at home leads to more dishes. (Shocking, I know.)
But I was recently reminded of The Borrowers and it all became clear to me. I must have had some borrowers and all this stuff that seems to accumulate, well, they have apparently decided to return my stuff en mass which is very nice, but there is a truckload of stuff crammed into my apartment. So, please, little borrowers take some of it back. Well, maybe not the yarn. Or the books. Or - maybe I just need the menehune to build me some shelves. Come on, please, guys?