Thursday, December 20, 2007


Today, work wise was one of those days, where as I said to one person, you would think urgent issues were going out of style. I always say the fact that my day never quite turns out like I expect is the double edged sword of my job, today it might have nicked me a bit.
But - joys. I got packages today. (Including some goodies I will photograph and talk about...some day.)
I have now received all the presents I ordered for other people on line, and when you consider I didn't, erm, start ordering until last week, that's pretty good. (I may have thrown one in for myself.)
I will see various people I love and like over the coming week, even if some of them are being a little nutty, it will all be fine.
Yarn. There is yarn in this world. Right now that really excites me.
Books/words/stories - all very cool.