Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Things People Should Know #4

Dear Dancing People,

If one has decided to use the name Hijack for one's dance troupe, then you should expect that you need to be particularly careful in airports. Understandably - the word hijack does not have happy or even dance-oriented associations for most in the air industries. So, it would follow that if you are traveling (by plane) about the country, and one or your props is a fake bomb, that perhaps some care is called for. As anyone who has had anything questioned or confiscated at an airport knows, the defense that your item made it without incidents the last time(s) you traveled is a weak one. There are many stories people could tell you about nail cutters, safety pins and the like that were found unsuitable for plane travel. Air security is still a tense issue in this country and amidst all of the potentially dangerous items (such as those above), I think we can all agree that air security is most assuredly not supposed to allow bombs. Yes, this one was fake - but wouldn't anyone try that excuse. And in fact - the Philadelphia air security did their job and disposed of it. So, on behalf of the lovely folks who had their travel plans delayed while the airport was evacuated, and future travelers whose paths you will cross, please consider not traveling with your fake bomb.

Someone with air travel plans this month