Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Heads Prevail

Dear Mr. Roethelisberger:
I want to thank you for your recent actions. While I do not currently have a loved one waiting on an organ list, I appreciate that you tried to help out some of those people. Most athletes, even in the off-season demonstrate caution. They work to protect their various body parts, one imagines out of a concern for the length of their career. But you, Mr. Roethelisberger demonstrated a heretofore unknown desire to share those various body parts with more of the world. And while it looks like the valiant efforts of the various medical personal, and some very good luck will keep you from doing that his time I want to thank you for the thought.
I also want to thank you on behalf of parents with children. One hears stories of children believing they are invincible and getting into arguments with their parents over the necessity of wearing protective gear. And one would think that someone who wears protective gear to work would understand its purpose. But instead you have sacrificed your head (especially your jaw) to assist parents. Perhaps you would be willing to share photos from the scene that parents could hang next to their children's skates, blades, bicycles and scooters.
So, for your twofold action, I thank you.
PS. Thank god you have health insurance!