Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Things People Should Know #3

You have likely by now heard of the woman who decided to go "streaking" across the pitch during the Ireland vs. New Zealand rugby match. Lisa Lewis, 25, has said streaking was on her list of things to do before she died. She then put the bikini she wore for the act up for auction - she says to help defray her legal costs. The plot thickens as an ex-boyfriend has turned up stating that he purchased both her breast enlargements and the bikini in question and so Lewis should either be prevented from selling the bikini, or should have to giv the proceeds to him.

Oh there are so many things here. First, I understand wanting to do some crazy things before you die (one imagines Lewis is not expecting to kick if anytime soon, but I appreciate her wanting to get a good start on the list).

* Streaking is defined as running naked in public, so technically she has failed. But I'll allow that she may have had her own definition for what she felt she needed to accomplish.
*If you choose things that are illegal, particularly things that involve internationally televised events, be prepared for being caught. And paying. So, the idea that she wants to sell the bikini because the fines and such would be more than she could afford - well, hey, maybe streak somewhere not so heavily guarded and televised. (As it turns out, the fine was relatively low, and the auction - assuming it goes through - has been very successful, but both of those were things that were outside her control).
* On to the boyfriend. As far as the breast enhancement - there is no such thing as breast support or breast alimony. You may have helped pay for her breast enhancement (I don't know that his claims have been confirmed), but the joy of such things is that you don't get to decide what she does with them. Even if any of her choices are illegal. Or televised.
* And the same goes for the bikini. Is it tacky to sell something someone else gave you? Yes. Miss Manners has actually covered this and stated that certainly one cannot be expected to hold on to every thing every person has ever given you, but you should make a good faith effort to make sure the person who gave it to you is not aware of your disposal of the item. Now one could argue that Lewis had no idea her story would get such attention (although if it didn't, how would enough people have known about the auction?), but even if she is in the wrong etiquette-wise, it does not change the ownership of the bikini. If it was given to her, it is hers to do with what she wants. If he wants to go through life, including contracts for appropriate use with all his gifts, he can do that. But until then, it's hers. And so should the money be.