Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Amazing Lace Update #2

Well, Kiwi and I are learning more and more about each other. Kiwi has also gotten to know the silent partner in this endeavor - aka my cat. They seem to be getting along, although Kiwi is a little tired of having the occasional *cough* fur knitted in. But I say it only enhances the pattern. Kiwi is unconvinced.

Kiwi and I had quite the busy weekend. We started Saturday by heading downtown to participate in the Walk for the Cure. (Kiwi and I are in agreement that running is not any more or less supportive and there was no need for us to drain ourselves by running when walking was a perfectly acceptable alternative.)
Kiwi fared a little better than I. I wore shoes that had been broken in on warmer days, so ended up being just a smidge big on the rather cool day that we ended up with. Kiwi suggested I wear different shoes - flip flops even, but I didn't listen. Or at least not right away. So we ended up making a visit to the lovely CVS for flip flops and band aids.

Then, after a brief rest, we hopped into the car and headed up to Warrington, PA. Very pretty.
And then we headed back again, Sunday. Kiwi and I were quite tired, but proud of our progress. Stay tuned!