Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Amazing Lace Update #3

In the end the news is good. Last week Kiwi and I had a snag. I'm underplaying it a bit - it was more like a huge tangle where there had been a lovely skein. I blame myself. Kiwi says I shouldn't, but this has happened to me before. I try to be loving and gentle with my team members. I try to support them and make sure they feel appreciated. And then something happens. I'm not sure if it was because I was spending too much time with the mitered square blanket (I just needed a change of pace - we had already made such great progress on the tank). Or it could be when I took Kiwi to a dinner event. We traveled by metro which was new for Kiwi. But once at the event, Kiwi had to go into the purse. I may have given Kiwi false expectations about how much time we would be able to spend together at the event. I may not have provided proper accommodations in my purse. But regardless, this is what happened.

So Kiwi and I had a long talk and we decided to make some changes. Kiwi promised to let me know sooner when there were problems we needed to address, and I promised to try harder to avoid such problems. And so a skein switch was done and we were off again. Kiwi came to work with me (sssh). Kiwi and I spent evenings together. We went to Starbucks on Saturday, for Knit in Public Day.

And - with blocking and weaving in yet to be done - here we are!

We are both very excited! We feel we both grew from our experiences together and learned how to be better teammates. Kiwi had been an excellent companion.

My next teammate is Knit One Purl Two's Sublime. We are working on a very simple (hee) leaf panel stitch one skein scarf. Pictures soon.