Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Open Letter to "Live With Kelly and Ryan"

Dear Live Team, 
I love this show.  I watched back when it was "Live with Regis".  I watched on days off from school and summers through that Kathy Lee years.  Once I had a job, I actually arranged my schedule so that I could watch the host chat.  I did eventually get a job that was a little less flexible and had to go back to days off. Once I got a DVR, that helped.  And then my job changed to telecommuting.  And the best perk, in my opinion, was being able to have Regis and Kelly, Kelly and Michael, and then Kelly and Ryan on in the background. 
I recognize that contracts and allegations are tricky things. But I cannot in good conscience continue to watch a show that features a sexual harasser as a host.  The show has often invited on guest who where known abusers and harassers.  I usually turned the TV off for those, but could at least enjoy the host chat. 
I know ABC is deeply linked to Ryan Seacrest, but this is the show that I will miss, because victims are more important, especially when the people abusing them have instead of owning up, been using their platform instead to defend themselves and cause further harm to their victims.  Hopefully a change in hosts will make the news, since I won't be able to watch the show.  
I really do love the crew at Live, and appreciate the entertainment you've brought me over the years, but I have to put victims first.  
Tara K
Note: Above is the text of the email I sent to the show yesterday.  After reading this interview I was unable to continue enjoying the show, and since I had talked about it here, I wanted to post this here too.