Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Lessons of Book Club

1. Everyone experiences a book differently.  
2. No one's experience of the book is more or less valid than yours. 
3. Book club provides an opportunity to discuss and explain your experience of it. 
4. Sometimes that means you think about things you hadn't thought about, or noticed, or focused on your own.  
5. None of that makes your original experience incorrect, but the joy of talking through things with others is deepening or enhancing your experience and learning more about how others experienced it. 
6. You will like things that make other people annoyed and irritated and vice versa.  Sometimes you will even agree with their list of annoyances and still feel that the book worked for you. 
7. Passionate discussions often occur when there is disagreement, there are absolutely ways to be both passionate and respectful of other's experiences.