Thursday, March 01, 2018

Three Interesting Things

1. This roundtable with the four African American directing nominees is great. 
2. This 92 year old woman has a part in "Black Panther" which is amazing in part because she decided to begin pursuing acting 4 years ago. 
3. I am intrigued by the decision on the part of Dick's Sporting Goods to stop carrying certain guns and to increase the age for purchase. People often cite the change to the Tylenol and other pain reliever caps after a poisoning incident, but that was a decision made, like this decision from Dick's (and now Walmart) by the business not by the government.  I have concerns about leaving these safety choices solely up to businesses, but am interested that they have decided the potential negative publicity is worse than the money in the long run. (Also, let's remember someone was shot in a Walmart for having a toy gun and Walmart didn't think that meant they should make changes.)