Monday, February 26, 2018

Feats of Success and Failure

I signed up for the Ravellenics this year.  Even though I had a shawl in progress, a sweater in progress, and some other floaty WIPS, I decided to start a new sweater.  And about the final Wednesday I freaked out.  I was just starting the first sleeve, I wasn't sure I had enough yarn to match the stripes in the body and wanted some time to figure that out, and well, the number of days left was not good.  I had enough yarn to make one sleeve match, as it turns out, but miscalculated how much I needed to make the second sleeve match and well, kept going along.  I decided that the neckline counted as finishing, so I just needed to get the sleeves done and I did and took a picture and then still had time Sunday so started work on the neck.  And then some niggling thing made me check the rules.  Midnight in Korea had been, well, it was several hours past, so oops.  This was my fault for not double checking the absolutely clearly posted time.  So, the sweater is ready for blocking and I don't get a medal and it's just a cute art symbol, and I still have a sweater and I'm still a little sad at myself. 
I watched the mass start cross country 30k for women, one of the final events of the Olympics on Sunday, and one skiier broke out in front fast and basically could not be caught.  It was amazing.  So the race was really on for second, third, and the rest.  A clump of skiers had broken away and two of them were firmly racing for second and they hit a turn and one went straight and one turned and it turns out only one of them was right.  They showed in the overhead shot, you could see both of them sort of look at the other like, wait, it's this way, right? So, the one who went the wrong way then had to get guidance from the race crew as to how she should make her way back, and in the end the skiier she had been neck and neck with got second and she was eighth.  I live in the city I grew up in and there are still days where I am like we should go this way, and others are like no that way, and they are correct.  It seems a lot to ask that as a high caliber athlete you should also have to keep an eye out for errant turns. But, rules are rules.  Wrong turn skiier did really well when you consider she skiied a bit more than everyone else, and hopefully that, and being eighth, which is also nothing to sneeze at will comfort her some.  
Once my sweater is blocked, I'm certainly planning to wear it.